Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Over 1,000 Americans a day die from SCA.  Patient life and death is measured within a 3-4 minute period. EMS are rarely able to respond AND get to a patient AND to defibrillate them within the critical time window. What if there was a means on hand to keep a patient alive until professional help can arrive?

Each year, over 360,000 people in America and over 350,000 people in Europe  collapse due to Sudden Cardiac Arrest. The survival rate is only 5%*. Only a lucky few, (less than 1%) are saved by publicly accessible Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in Airports, Hotels, Shopping Centers, and other public venues outfitted with an AED mounted on the wall. For those that are at risk for SCA, there is currently no ultraportable personal device available to save lives in SCA emergencies. We are committed to answering this need for people at risk, so that more lives can be saved, buying patients the vital time needed for medical professionals to arrive and give Advanced Life Support (ALS), through developing new treatments and devices that meet this critical challenge.

*Source: External Defibrillator Improvement Initiative, Nov 2010, US FDA